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Clysar: Shrink Packaging – It’s All We Do

Established in 1963, Clysar is a leading North American manufacturer of polyolefin shrink film, commonly used in display packaging, product protection and shipping, and more.

For over 60 years, Clysar has concentrated on one thing and one thing only: high-performance shrink packaging.

That makes us the industry’s only shrink film manufacturer that focuses exclusively on your shrink packaging needs.

You’ll find unmatched depth of shrink film products and application expertise to meet your targeted objectives for every package, every time.

Why Choose Clysar?

✓ Made in the USA
Clysar® film is the only shrink film that is produced

exclusively in the United States using domestically sourced resin and materials. This significantly reduces your supply risk, shortens response time and lowers your carbon footprint.

Supply Chain Resiliency (The Advantages of U.S. Shrink Film)

✓ More Films, More Choice

With Clysar, you get the industry’s most extensive selection of shrink films and custom treatments, ensuring the right solution for each of your individual products and applications.

✓ Easy to Do Business With

We’re known for being responsive and easy to work with; bringing flexibility and a can-do attitude to your business and packaging challenges.

✓ Best-in-Class Independent Distributors

Our shrink films are offered through local independent shrink packaging distributors who have the knowledge, commitment and skills to support your packaging operation.

These shrink experts create high-value packaging solutions by bringing together Clysar® shrink film; technical training and support; and lean supply strategies.

✓ Leading Quality, Clarity & Gloss

Clysar® films are the clearest, strongest, most brilliant display films in the packaging industry, produced and certified to critical quality, government and industry association standards.

        • Intertek ISO 9001:2015 certified quality
        • FDA/USDA approved packaging
        • Intertek FSSC 22000 food safety certified

✓ Your Connected, Collaborative, Sustainable Partner

Clysar is committed to partnering across our industry to collaborate for the future, deepen our knowledge, educate stakeholders and shrink our carbon footprint.


Behind the Clysar® Brand Promise

Roll-to-Roll Quality & Reliability

Clysar® films are highly consistent and will conform to critical standards and specifications. Clysar® films won’t discolor or become brittle with age and freezing temperatures, keeping your products protected.

Cost & Efficiency Solutions

We offer free programs to improve your packaging operation’s efficiency and lower your total packaging costs such as the Clysar Packaging Area Cost Evaluation (PACE), a tool that typically identifies 10% or more in potential savings.

Innovation Pipeline

Driven by the emerging needs of customers like you, we continue to bring new shrink films to markets, from innovative e-commerce packaging to solutions for specialty markets.

Shrink Training and Resources

We provide today’s most comprehensive shrink packaging training and resources on a wide range of topics to build your team’s skills, delivered at your operation, at the Clysar campus or online.

New Packaging Development

Our extensive resources are here to help you develop new packages or convert existing packaging to higher value options. We offer full commercialization support including film trials, film/equipment interfaces, research and development projects, and more.

Corporate Responsibility

We meet your corporate mandates for packaging that is produced responsibly and sustainably, with a clear, traceable chain of custody and concern for worker well-being.

Unrivaled Technical Service

Our technical service experts have unmatched skills and shrink packaging experience to keep your operation running at peak level, available on-site or through remote technologies.

Product Sustainability

Our safe, non-toxic shrink film offers many sustainable advantages, including the lowest product-to-package ratio of almost any packaging medium, reduced food waste, DIM weight reduction and more.

A Cove Point Portfolio Company

Wholly owned by Cove Point Portfolio Holdings, Clysar, LLC, maintains a workforce of more than 300 employees at our headquarters in Clinton, Iowa.

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