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Clysar is on a sustainability journey, both in our shrink film products
and our manufacturing operations.

As a leader in sustainable shrink packaging—we are helping to
make our customers more sustainable and successful, while addressing the shared risks of climate change.

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Shrink Packaging Solutions

Shrink Packaging


Clysar provides a complete selection of recyclable shrink films, with a solution for most packaging applications. Select from EVO™ all-purpose, EVOX™ high-speed, EVO™ ShrinkBox® high-abuse, EVO-C™ Confidential and ULTRA LEG™ low shrink force films, prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®. All offer equal performance, clarity and appeal to traditional films.

Shrink Packaging


Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential shipping film is manufactured with both Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) and Pre-Consumer content.

More than 80% of
Clysar® shrink films are made with Clysar® ReClaim™ Pre-Consumer Recycled resin certified by SCS Global Services.

Packaging Weight)


Clysar® high-performance shrink films offer the ability to deliver outstanding performance at lower gauges. You can reduce materials as much as 10%-20%  without sacrificing protection and shelf appeal. Right-gauging opportunities depend on the individual packaging application. 

Source Reduction –
Reducing Volume
& Unnecessary


Ideal for reducing packaging material and cost, Clysar® shrink film can eliminate excess fill and multiple layers of packaging. Clysar® shrink film is an extremely  efficient, lightweight alternative: typically, only 1%-2% of all packaging material volume.
Source-reduction solutions include:

Recyclable* EVO-C™
Confidential shipping film, which can replace outer boxes or bundle products for shipping.

Printed Shrink Film
which reduces packaging volume by as much as 60% by eliminating packaging inserts and more.

Recyclable* ULTRA
LEG™ Low Shrink Force Film, for packaging thin or bendable products.

*Prequalified for Store
Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

PVC Replacement


Replace problematic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) shrink film. Our more environmentally friendly alternatives include recyclable*, thin, low shrink force film ULTRA LEG™

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

Food Waste


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. food loss and waste accounts for 170 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent GHG emissions each year – equal to the annual CO2 emissions of 42 coal-fired power plants.

Clysar® produce films and anti-fog AFG films extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables and fruits by as much as 60%, preserve nutrients, slow moisture loss and
spoilage, and protect against contamination and physical damage. 

Excess Corrugate


Clear, recyclable*, EVO™ ShrinkBox® high-abuse film is an alternative to bulky corrugate boxes. It can reduce packaging volume as much as 80%: one roll of EVO™ ShrinkBox® film can replace more than 600 corrugated boxes.

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

Clysar NEWS

Clysar® ReClaim™ Resin
Certified as Pre-Consumer
Many Clysar® shrink films are manufactured
with Clysar ReClaim™ resin, certified as
Pre-Consumer Content resin by SCS Global
Services. LEARN MORE
Clysar Achieves GHS Scope 1 & 2
Footprint Badge
Clysar has achieved a GHS Scope
1 & 2 Footprint badge from the Supplier
Leadership on Climate Transition, for development
of a Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas footprint that
meets GHG Protocol and Science-Based Targets.
Clysar Achieves Gold Seal from
Green Business Bureau
Clysar is proud to announce our Gold Certication from the Green Business Bureau (GBB) for our sustainability initiatives. As a trusted authority in eco-friendly business, the GBB helps companies to prioritize and certify sustainable practices throughout their organization. LEARN MORE

Film Technology

Clysar’s future-ready recyclable shrink films are made with a unique, highly
recyclable polymer platform designed specifically for the demands
of today’s recycling stream. Our films:


1. Meet all known criteria for true recyclability.

2. Are designed for recyclability, meeting all stringent new 

5. Process easily into high-quality material for
    remanufacturing into PCR products.
    requirements of today’s Store Drop-Off recycling stream.

3. Deliver trouble-free material collection and reprocessing.

6. Are developed using the most current research and
    testing protocols from How2Recycle®, offering letters
    of prequalification for Store Drop-Off.
4. Require less energy and resources to recover into usable
    Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content.

7 Reasons Why Clysar® Shrink Film is a Sustainable Choice

Find out why Clysar® polyolefin shrink film is a sustainable choice for packaging with a positive impact.


Clysar: A Reliable, Responsible U.S. Shrink Film Manufacturer

Learn why Clysar is a sustainable, responsible manufacturer of shrink film.


Clysar®EVO™ Recyclable
Shrink Films

Explore Clysar’s truly sustainable alternatives to traditional polyolefin packaging. 

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

Why Clysar?

An Environmentally and Socially Responsible Manufacturer
Today’s consumers demand packaging from environmentally and socially
responsible sources. LEARN MORE

  • Active Sustainability Partnerships
    We partner with leading sustainability
    organizations like the Sustainable
    Packaging Coalition, the Association of
    Plastic Recyclers and How2Recycle®
    as part
    of our commitment to be an
    and active sustainability partner.


  • Safe Polyolefin Shrink Films
    Clysar offers polyolefin shrink film, a
    material recognized to be more
    durable, less expensive and safer than
    traditional films.


  • Responsible Domestic Supply
    Clysar sources all of their shrink film
    materials exclusively in North America,
    which reduces CO2 emissions from
    transportation that would be accumulated
    if they sourced offshore.

    Our products are manufactured in a
    regulated environment in a responsible
    manner, with consideration of the safety
    and well-being of our employees.
  • Sustainability Expertise
    Clysar offers today’s most extensive line
    of shrink film products and an
    experienced sustainability team to help
    you find a responsible option for your
    application. We also can help you
    conduct a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) with
    your data to evaluate potential
    environmental gains over the
    materials you are replacing.


  • In-Person Tech Support
    Clysar offers technical specialists to
    help make your whole shrink packaging
    operation more sustainable, from
    preventive maintenance to film
    optimization. We have helped hundreds
    of facilities lower their impacts by
    reducing energy use, improving
    efficiencies, right-sizing materials and
    switching to recyclable films
    prequalified by How2Recycle®.

Sustainable Collaborations
We don’t just make shrink film—we join
together to work to increase our
knowledge, keep pace with trends and
regulatory changes, strengthen the
recycling stream and educate our clients
on packaging sustainability.

Proud Partners With:

Quick Case Studies


Printed Recyclable
Film Adds Appeal
for Paper Plates


Frozen Pizza Slices
Packaging 20% with
Recyclable Film


Broccoli Brand
Reduces Spoilage


Cleaner World
for E-Commerce
Laundry Detergent

A leading packaged goods company is achieving strong brand presentation for paper plates while eliminating labels with printed recyclable Clysar® EVO™* all-purpose film.

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

A popular frozen pizza brand has moved to recyclable Clysar® EVOX™* and achieved 20% source reduction.

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

A fresh broccoli brand is reducing spoilage and reducing food waste with Clysar® AFG Film,
extending shelf life by up to 2 weeks and preventing 33% moisture loss over 6 days.

A leading detergent brand reduced packaging by 80% by switching its rigid detergent bottles to a spouted bag-in-a-box designed for e-commerce, shipped in protective Clysar® Confidential Film.


Multi-Pack Reduces
Packaging with
Printed Shrink


60% Source
Reduction for
Hardwood Boards


Replacing PVC
to Meet Retailer


Sweetly Sustainable:
Recyclable PVC


Sustainability for
Brake Pads

A popular brand of disinfectant wipes is reducing packaging materials by 60% by bundling canisters in printed shrink film for a club-store application.

A manufacturer of precut hardwood boards used for shelving and home projects replaced cloudy, thick, 110-gauge polyethylene packaging with clear 45-gauge PHOENIX™ polyolefin shrink film—downgauging packaging material nearly 60%.

A leading furnace filter brand is meeting a major retailer goal to replace PVC packaging with
ULTRA LEG™* low shrink force film. This recyclable film offers 40% less shrink force and saves
energy on the packaging line.

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

A leading candy brand reports excellent results by replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shrink film with EVOX™* recyclable high-speed shrink film.

*Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

A brake pad manufacturer is using strong, high-abuse EVO™ ShrinkBox® film to replace heavy corrugate. The clear package significantly minimizes the volume of materials: one roll of EVO™ ShrinkBox® film replaces more than 600 boxes.

Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink film is proudly made in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and is not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges related to imported products. All Clysar® films are produced to ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards; and FDA/USDA approved.