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Shrink Film Success Stories

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Customers in every market are streamlining production, driving down costs and creating beautiful brand packages with high-performance Clysar® shrink films. Get ideas to improve your application here.

Bakery Business Sees a Rise in Productivity!

A local bakery was experiencing productivity losses due to poor throughput on existing equipment. In addition, inconsistent package configurations (excessive material) generated by the old equipment were constantly increasing overall packaging costs.

The Clysar distributor proposed a film/equipment solution—a total package line approach—that quickly increased productivity and package appearance, all while reducing overall per-package costs. Clysar® HPG film in double-footage rolls improved this bakery’s bottom line due to fewer rejects and reduced labor costs associated with roll changeovers.

The Clysar distributor delivered the best equipment with the best shrink film for the best packaging solution. Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

Cool Solutions for Co-Packers…Keeping a Low Profile

A Clysar co-packer was packaging thin books, and having trouble with the labeler. The packages were curling in the shrink tunnel and coming out at different heights. That made it hard to set the labels. The packages with high curl would knock into the labeler, while the labeler wouldn’t hit the low-profile packages.

The Clysar distributor advised the co-packer to begin utilizing Clysar® LE Gold. The low-shrink-force film is ideal for flexible products. The low-energy film eliminated the curling problem, and kept package heights much more consistent, allowing the co-packer to keep the labeler at a specific height. By improving label reliability and packaging consistency, downtime was drastically reduced and the package appearance dramatically improved. The co-packer received another order from the retail end-user due to their ability to deliver a pristine-looking package.

By utilizing the breadth of Clysar’s product line, the Clysar distributor was able to match the package needs with the right Clysar film’s performance characteristics, for the best overall package appearance. Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

Printer Achieves Price-Per-Package Savings with ShrinkBox®

A printer producing stitched magazines and booklets encountered productivity issues due to the highly labor-intensive packaging process of manually strapping material into bundles and placing them by hand into a presorted mail bag.

The Clysar distributor introduced the printer to a flexible packaging solution—with Clysar®ShrinkBox®. The manual process was replaced by an automated shrink wrapper, tunnel and conveyor.

The automated solution eliminated several people from the manual process while increasing speeds by 50%. Clysar® ShrinkBox®—a USPS approved film—also allowed the printer to reduce their postal rates and improve their overall packaging process. Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

Sample Producer Eliminates Corrugated with ShrinkBox® Film

A manufacturer of hardwood flooring was packaging sample product in corrugated boxes and shipping them to a major retailer. The samples were taken out of the corrugated for display—causing a challenge for the retailers, who had to dispose of the corrugated. Additionally, the shipping costs for the corrugated package were higher due to excess space within the corrugated box.

A Clysar distributor offered Clysar® ShrinkBox® as a solution to the manufacturer’s needs. By implementing an automated packaging solution and utilizing ShrinkBox®, the manufacturer was able to eliminate several packaging elements—corrugated, tape and strapping—as well as improve their productivity. Additionally, due to the ShrinkBox® package being right-sized to fit the product, shipping and warehousing costs were dramatically reduced. And, because ShrinkBox® provides product protection as well as product visibility, the retailer benefited from the ability to now see the product prior to unpackaging, thereby reducing returns.

The Clysar distributor’s creative solution to multiple packaging challenges gave the manufacturer the opportunity to show value and sustainability to the retail chain—solidifying their position long term. Expect the Best… Call a Shrink Master℠.

Gift Baskets Clean Up Beautifully, Using Less Labor

A gift basket manufacturer was struggling with the labor-intensive nature of his business. In order to achieve the pristine package appearance necessary for this market, the manufacturer required operators to support the film’s cleanup characteristics with soldering irons and heat guns, adding cost to the overall packaging process.

A Clysar distributor offered a value-added solution in Clysar® HPG pre-perforated film. By utilizing pre-perforated film, the basket manufacturer could experience a premium package appearance every time out of the tunnel and, by eliminating the post-shrinking steps, free up costly labor to manipulate the package.

The Clysar distributor delivered a higher value solution with better package integrity at a lower per-package cost to the manufacturer—solidifying the expertise and experience Clysar’s distribution demonstrates in the market. Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

Total Solution Cuts Cost, Notches Up Productivity 39% for Pharma Customer

A pharmaceutical company wrapping multi-packs was struggling with productivity. The current packaging solution including package configuration allowed for a slow 4-5 packages per minute.

A Clysar distributor offered an updated equipment solution, increasing the speed to a maximum of 25 packages per minute. In addition, the distributor worked with the customer to reconfigure the package—turning the package in the original “width” direction through the sealer. While this configuration change required a wider roll, it also reduced the cutoff length and increased the number of packages per roll…actually lowering the overall per-package cost.

With the improved equipment solution and cost savings roll/package change, the customer was able to increase their productivity by more than 39% and reduce their labor costs—all at a total cost savings. The solution demonstrates how Clysar distributors marry the best equipment solutions with the best overall package options. Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

“Overnight” Solution Saves Printer a Bundle

A large-scale printer was utilizing shrink packaging options for a variety of form and catalog packages. They were experiencing higher cost-per-package results due to package rejects as well as the labor required to insert chipboard as a stiffener due to a misapplied shrink film solution by the incumbent supplier.

A Clysar distributor stepped in to help when the incumbent supplier could not deliver. The distributor offered Clysar® LE Gold—a truelow-shrink-force solution—at a higher gauge. The combination of the higher gauge with the lowest shrink force polyolefin in the industry allowed the printer to improve their package appearance and eliminate the chipboard stiffener.

By reviewing the application and not following a “me too” mentality, the Clysar distributor offered the printer a film solution that enhanced their overall packaging processes. When it comes to applying the best films for the application, Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.

Equipment, Film, Field Support Sweetens Shrink Performance

A contract packager specializing in the packaging of high-dollar candy needed additional capacity to meet new market demands. The product required a pristine package appearance, as the retailer marketed it as the “Cadillac candy” in the industry.

The Clysar distributor supplied a new shrink sealer that provided flexibility through adjustable bag lengths based on product sizing. The flexibility gave the co-packer the opportunity to guarantee a perfect package every time. This equipment solution, combined with Clysar® LE Gold’s unique ability to clean up with virtually no dog-ears or crow’s feet, met the needs for speed and package appearance.

The Clysar distributor strongly supported the co-packer with technical expertise during installation and startup of the equipment. Additional training and familiarity with the equipment and Clysar® film lead to reduced rejects. If you want the best overall service and solutions, Expect the Best…Call a Shrink Master℠.