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Clysar is committed to continuing and growing successful business partnerships with suppliers who share our reputation for integrity. Our employees adhere to the highest ethical standards and business conduct. We believe that each of us has the critical responsibility to ensure that our decisions and actions enhance the long-term performance and reputation of our company, and we expect no less from our supplier and third-party relationships.


We encourage our partners and vendors to use the Clysar® brand in appropriate instances. However, since our brand is an invaluable asset, we require express written permission and exact adherence to brand standards during use.

Please read our policy on use of the Clysar® brand and trademarks, including a contact where you can learn more information or submit your request.

Becoming a Clysar Supplier

Clysar welcomes inquiries from suppliers who mirror our commitment to innovation, quality management, operational excellence, safety and social responsibility. We continuously look for new opportunities in regards to how we source products and services that maximize customer value, bottom line impact and reductions in the overall total cost of ownership. Our supply partners are critical to Clysar’s success in delivering the market’s best polyolefin shrink film for our customers.

If you are interested in becoming a Clysar supplier, this page provides important information. Please review and share with others within your organization.

If you are a current supplier or customer, we thank you for helping make Clysar, LLC, a leading provider of polyolefin shrink film to the global market.

For additional assistance or questions regarding Clysar supplier policies, please email