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Clysar® Shrink Films
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Clysar offers the packaging industry’s broadest selection of polyolefin shrink films and custom treatments.

Our films deliver targeted shrink properties for demanding packaging applications, including versatile all-purpose films for retail display, specialty films developed for food, e-commerce and more.

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Clysar® Technology: Optimized Performance at Every Gauge

No matter what film you choose, you can count on Clysar® film’s market-leading clarity, consistency and gloss.

Uniform and strong, Clysar® film shines from the packaging line to the shelf, thanks to our six-sigma quality processes and our proprietary manufacturing technologies.

Quality: Delivering Confidence, Roll by Roll

Each master roll of Clysar® film is tested in our R&D laboratory to ensure it conforms to standards and specifications.

We then verify every roll of film is converted to your specifications, checking it for correct width, diameter, footage and other physical attributes.


Find the Best Shrink Film to Package Your Product

Clysar® EVO™, EVOX™, EVO-C™, EVO™  ShrinkBox® and ULTRA LEG™ Recyclable* Films

*Prequalified for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off Label.

PHOENIX™ Premium Performance Film

Clearer, cleaner, stronger, better than any shrink film on the market today.

Clysar® All-Purpose HP Gold Films

The go-to multi-purpose shrink film for wrapping multi-packs to consumer goods.

Clysar® Anti-Fog AFG Films

Improved! Proprietary vapor shield wicks away condensation for refrigerated moist or respiring foods.

Clysar® High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Films

Tough, sparkling clear polyolefin film replaces corrugate in applications from hardware to housewares.

Clysar® Low Shrink Force LE Gold Films

The best lightweight, low shrink force polyolefin film in the business, with gentle, even shrink.

Clysar® Printed Shrink Film

Custom-printed films replace sleeves and labels with vibrant, colorful, 360° graphics.

Equipment Compatibility

Find the best film for your manual, semi-manual and automatic shrink packaging lines.

Clysar® Thin LTC (Lowest Total Cost) Films

Economical, versatile thin-gauge films replace films twice as thick. Available in all-purpose, high-speed, low shrink force films.

Clysar® “Wrap Anything” ABL Films

High-memory, puncture-resistant film wraps nearly anything, including irregular shapes.

Value-Added Options

Increase performance with special roll sizes and widths, film treatments and custom perforations.