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Odd Shapes & Sizes

Shrink Films for Irregular Shapes, Points and Profiles

It takes a special kind of shrink wrap to package irregularly shaped products with odd angles and pressure points. Clysar® ABL meets the challenge, with strong, stretchy, puncture-resistant polyolefin film that shrinks tightly around your items, without ugly dog-ears, wrinkles or lumpy seals. It shines on shelf. Plus, it provides excellent memory, so your package recovers from dings and dents to keep packages looking fresh.

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Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink film is proudly made in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and is not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges related to imported products. All Clysar® films are produced to ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards; and FDA/USDA approved.