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There’s Clearly More Behind Clysar’s
Shrink Film

Looking for ideas to improve shrink packaging sustainability, protection and brand appeal? Seeking secure, touch-free barriers for a safer marketplace? Searching for a source for U.S.-manufactured shrink film, backed by best-in-class technical service?

You’ll find the answers in our online showroom. Explore shrink packaging solutions including new recyclable Clysar® EVO™ filmscost-saving e-commerce shipping filmsnext-generation food and produce films; and more.

Shrink Packaging Solutions to Recycle, Reduce, Reimagine

Are you one of the 89% of brand owners seeking actionable, measurable solutions for package sustainability? Clysar can help achieve your environmental goals.

  • New! Recyclable Clysar® EVO™ films, prequalified for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label
  • Secure secondary packaging film to minimize shipping materials, DIM weight and transport impacts
  • Next-generation produce and food films to extend shelf life, reduce waste
  • Strong, lightweight films to reduce packaging volume, protect products

Secondary Shipping Films for an Out-of-the-Box E-Commerce

Want to deliver frustration-free e-commerce packaging? Concerned about DIM weight, damage and transport costs? Clysar® HPG Confidential shrink film is a versatile RX for shipping challenges.

  • Eliminates unnecessary materials, weight and volume
  • One SKU packages multiple product sizes/configurations
  • Light, strong and UV-resistant
  • Meets Amazon initiative to make products easier to ship

Also ask about strong, clear protective shrink films for product bundling, overwrapping or stabilization.

Shrink Packaging supply Solutions for Resiliency, Reliability, Agile Response

Are challenges due to the pandemic, offshore risks and high demand making you rethink your current supply strategy? It’s time to talk with Clysar, a value-added packaging partner.

Clysar, a U.S. shrink film manufacturer exclusively utilizing using North American raw materials, helps you manage uncertainty, achieve supply reliability and avoid delays. Our agile domestic shrink film supply is backed with responsive customer care, expert distributor service and exceptional technical support.

Solutions for Food Security & Shelf Life

Want to extend your sales window and deliver a touch-free barrier for produce and fresh food? Looking for easy-to-run, high-performance shrink films for frozen food?

Enjoy a day more of retail shelf life – with controlled condensation, fewer leaks and less spoilage – using improved Clysar® AFG anti-fog films. Explore produce films that boost margins and protect against moisture loss, cross-contamination and damage. Improve food safety and appeal with our strong, sparkling clear shrink overwraps.

High-Impact Retail Display Solutions

Is chipboard or corrugate packaging standing in the way of profitable sales? When consumers can see your products before they buy, you’ll eliminate opened cartons, damaged merchandise, higher return rates, repackaging and more.

Discover how brands from building supplies to office products are moving to strong, sparkling clear shrink packaging. We’ll show you how you can shine on shelf and create competitive advantage, while protecting your products from dust and dirt, damage, pilfering and more.

Multi-Pack, Gift & Value Solutions

What’s your next big promotional packaging idea? Explore the possibilities with Clysar’ s newest generation of multi-pack films, from strong sparkling PHOENIX™ films to colorful, cost-saving printed shrink film. You’ll improve sustainability and reduce packaging system costs by 40-60% by eliminating extra labor steps and material.

Great for:

  • Value offers and variety packs
  • Stock up essentials
  • Gift assortments
  • Multi-packs from mini’s to bulk buys
  • Preassembled kits
  • Seasonal promotions

Development, Training & Tech Support Solutions

Want to run efficiently with less waste, rewraps or cost? Looking for help developing new applications or improving package appeal? Our technical service experts offer unmatched skill and experience to optimize packages and respond quickly to your tech support needs.

  • Technical service at your facility or via remote technologies
  • New application support; film trials
  • Consulting to develop new packages or improve packaging line performance
  • Skill-building custom live and online training

Make Your Next Shrink Package Stronger, Safer, More Sustainable


Three Ways to Connect With Us

Sept 27-29, 2021

In an effort to keep our customers, business partners and booth staff safe during the surge of COVID-19, Clysar will no longer exhibit live this month at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

We will miss seeing you in person, but we look forward with hope to PACK EXPO 2022 in Chicago.

1. See Clysar® Films Running Live at Our Equipment Partners


See problem-solving shrink films from Clysar, running live in our equipment partners’ booths. They’ll be demonstrating popular applications like e-commerce packaging, and showing off the runnability and overall performance our most popular shrink films, including our new recyclable Clysar® EVO™ films, pre-approved for the Store Drop Off Logo by How2Recycle®!

2. Visit Our PACK EXPO Showroom Anytime


We’ve transitioned our booth to a digital experience!  You can find video demonstrations, virtual product information, sustainability solutions and the latest shrink packaging innovations.

3. Arrange a Personal Meeting or Discuss a Project


If you planned on visiting us at the show, please contact us to set up a virtual or safely distanced in-person meeting. You are important to us and we don’t want to miss an opportunity to meet with you.

Please reach out to Cathy Haiar or Michael Hutchings to set up a meeting.

Want to speak with a Clysar shrink packaging expert? We’ll arrange an online session using Microsoft Teams or the technology platform of your choice. Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule timing now.


Meeting Today’s Sustainability Initiatives with Recyclable Film Innovation

Presenter Vicki Larson, President, Clysar, LLC

Don’t miss one of the year’s most popular presentations from PACK EXPO Connects, attended by more than 600 leaders and reporters. Learn how collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and CPG customers has led to new shrink packaging solutions that help companies make actionable environmental improvements, including new Clysar® EVO recyclable shrink films, which are now prequalified for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label.


Shrink Packaging Sustainability Improvements by the Numbers:

5 Must-See Environmental Makeovers and the LCA Data Behind Them

Matt Reynolds, editor of Packaging World, talks with Clysar’s Michael Hutchings and Cathy Weispfenning about strategies used by leading brand packagers to improve shrink package sustainability. See examples of five recent brand applications with meaningful environmental improvements.


Clysar highlights new approved recyclable shrink films; protective shrink films for food security and shelf life; and shrink film options to reduce packaging weight, volume and cost.

Market-Proven Shrink Packaging Strategies to Secure Advantage

Learn about secure, safe, sustainable solutions to protect products, delight consumers and deliver a fast response with U.S.-manufactured shrink films.

Meeting Critical Environmental Goals with Sustainable Shrink Films

Clysar highlights new approved recyclable shrink films; protective shrink films for food security and shelf life; and shrink film options to reduce packaging weight, volume and cost.


New Recyclable Clysar® EVO™ Shrink Films  Offer Retail-Ready Packaging Prequalified for the Store Drop-Off Label

Sustainable new Clysar® EVO™ and Clysar® EVOX™ recyclable shrink films—approved for the Store Drop-Off label by How2Recycle®—offer retailers and consumer goods companies a fast-track packaging solution that comes with letters of prequalification.

Sustainable New Shrink Film Options Help Tap a Billion-Dollar Packaging Opportunity

Clysar, LLC, a leading U.S. manufacturer of polyolefin shrink film, offers game-changing new sustainable shrink films to address the top sustainability goals of CPG companies, retailers and online marketers.

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