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Clysar® Printed Shrink Film


Want to add more “wow” to multi-packs, e-commerce overwraps or other packaging applications? Stand out with colorful printed shrink film from Clysar. You’ll get a vibrant 360° billboard to differentiate your product and dazzle consumers. You’ll significantly improve sustainability. Plus you’ll save a bundle: in current commercial applications, brand owners are reducing system costs as much as 40%-60%!

We make creating a printed shrink package easy.

Clysar can put you in touch with our experienced prepress and printing partners, who are experts at printing on polyolefin shrink film and can manage all aspects of your program.

Printed Film Group

Printing is available on most Clysar® films. Choose from a wide range of options, from full-surround colorful printing, to colorful display graphics with clear windows, to simple brand imprints.

Printed Multi-Pack

Multi-Pack Print Wrap

Window Print

Clear Window Printing

EVO-C™ Confidential Film

Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential Printing

Logo Print

Printed Logo

Use For

  • Brand identification
  • Bundled items and seasonal promotions
  • Label replacement
  • Multi-packs
  • Retail display packaging
  • Sleeve replacement
  • Tray overwraps
  • E-commerce packaging/box overwraps
  • Confidential printed materials – privacy overwraps


  • Available in up to 8 colors
  • Offers significant gains in sustainability
  • Can be printed with full-color coverage or leave sparkling clear windows
  • Easy to use on existing shrink wrap equipment, with minor modifications

Solves Issues

  • Misaligned product facings in multi-packs
  • Mis-scanned UPC codes
  • Missing or improperly placed packaging components
  • Labor-intensive bundling operations
  • Extra material and inventory expenses

Available As

Available on most Clysar® films, including the recyclable Clysar® EVO™ family of shrink films, Clysar® PHOENIX™ premium all-purpose shrink films, high-speed films, and specialty films like produce films and high-abuse options for heavier products and unique profiles.


  • Environmentally sound choice to eliminate excess packaging materials, replacing corrugate, chipboard or shrink packages with trays, labels or other components.
  • Printed recycle-ready Clysar® EVO™ shrink films may be eligible for the Store Drop-Off label by How2Recycle®. In most cases, printing will not impact recyclability. (Permission for individual label use must be submitted to How2Recycle® for authorization by the brand owner/end-user. Label use is granted by How2Recycle® for each product application.)


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Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink film is proudly made in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and is not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges related to imported products. All Clysar® films are produced to ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards; and FDA/USDA approved.