Clysar® Printed Shrink Film


Want to add more “wow” to multi-packs or other packaging applications? There’s never been a better way than with colorful printed shrink film from Clysar. You’ll get a vibrant 360° billboard to differentiate your product and dazzle consumers. You’ll significantly improve sustainability. Plus you’ll save a bundle: in current commercial applications, brand owners are reducing system costs as much as 40%-60%!

Use For

  • Box overwraps
  • Bundled items
  • Label replacement
  • Multi-packs
  • Sleeve replacement
  • Tray overwraps


  • Available in up to 8 colors
  • Offers significant gains in sustainability
  • Can be printed with full-color coverage or leave sparkling clear windows
  • Easy to use on existing shrink wrap equipment, with minor modifications

Solves Issues

  • Misaligned product facings in multi-packs
  • Mis-scanned UPC codes
  • Missing or improperly placed packaging components
  • Labor-intensive bundling operations
  • Extra material and inventory expenses

Available As

Available on all Clysar® films, including specialty films like high-abuse options for heavier products and unique profiles, high-speed films and cost-saving thin-gauge films


  • Environmentally sound choice to replace corrugate, chipboard or shrink packages with trays, labels or other components.

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Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink film is proudly made in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and is not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges related to imported products. All Clysar® films are produced to ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards; and FDA/USDA approved.