Clysar | What I’m Wrapping

What I’m Wrapping

Find the Best Shrink Film for Your Product and
Packaging Needs

Let Clysar help you choose the right shrink film for your needs, based on the type of product you want to wrap and the speeds you want to achieve.

No matter what your packaging application, Clysar has a polyolefin shrink film with the right strength, clarity and shrink characteristics.

Explore our market-leading selection.

Bakery Products

AIB certified and FDA and USDA compliant shrink wrap for fresh and frozen bakery.

Bulk & Printed Papers

High-performance films for packaging bulk papers, overwraps for printed materials and display films for office products.

Confidential or Masked Items

Semi-opaque films for masking UPCs or concealing products for privacy, security or other reasons.

Fresh Food and Produce

USDA/FDA compliant AFG anti-fog overwraps for fresh food and produce.

Heavy or Industrial Products

Shrink wrap solutions, for protecting and shipping industrial parts and products.

Home Decorating & Improvement

Clear, high-abuse shrink films for packaging heavy, bulky, wide and tall products used for home decorating, DIY and improvement.

Multi-Packs & Bundles

Clear and printed films for bundled products, multi-packs and club store packages.

Odd Shapes & Sizes

Strong, high-memory shrink films for oddly shaped, narrow, wide or irregular products like gift baskets.

Pizza & Frozen Food

USDA/FDA compliant, AIB certified shrink films for frozen pizzas, desserts and more.

Rigid Boxes & Cases

Options to wrap and protect rigid products, from die-cut window box packaging to games to DVD and CD cases.

Thin, Fragile Products

Films with gentle shrink to avoid crushing or bending thin, delicate or flexible products.