Clysar | Understanding Shrink Film

Understanding Shrink Film

Packaging Basics for People New to Shrink

New to shrink film? Check out these shrink film terms and definitions. In addition there are some helpful references below to get you started.

Shrink Film or Stretch Wrap (What’s the Difference?)

It’s easy to confuse shrink film and stretch wrap. Here’s how they differ:

Shrink film—made by Clysar—is a flexible packaging film that is sealed around a product and heated in a shrink tunnel. The film then shrinks in all directions for a tight, clear fit. Clysar® shrink film is a polyolefin with specially engineered properties for strength, clarity, shrink performance and line speeds. It can be very thin for wrapping lightweight products or thicker for applications like bundling multiple packages or replacing corrugate shippers.

Stretch wrap—which is NOT made by Clysar—is a thick, strong, stretchy material that is wrapped around palletized shipping loads or heavy bulk products (such as bottles or cans). Stretch wrap is applied at the end of the packaging process before products leave the door, and keeps them from shifting during transport or retail distribution. Stretch wrap does not shrink, and heat tunnels or guns are not used in the packaging process.

Why Shrink Film?

Shrink film represents a large price advantage over traditional packaging methods.

  • The low volume and weight of shrink film saves additional storage.
  • Shrink film protects from humidity, dust and dirt.
  • Shrink film is perfect for multi-packs, which offer value and cost savings to packagers and consumers alike.
  • Shrink packaging allows for storage in the refrigerator.
  • Printed shrink film is an attractive alternative to traditional packaging methods and can help increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Up to 75% less shrink material is needed compared to corrugated products.
  • Products wrapped in shrink film are tamper-evident.
  • For a given packaging requirement, no other form of packaging uses less resources or energy.
  • Shrink film equipment uses less floor space.

Why Choose Clysar?

While some people think of shrink film as a commodity, there are very real differences between brands. You can “Expect the Best,” with every roll of Clysar® film.

Industry-Leading Clarity and Gloss—With Clysar® films, you get premium quality: the clearest, glossiest, most sparkling shrink wrap you can buy, as documented by haze and other competitive testing.

Certified Quality—All Clysar® films are Intertek ISO 9001:2015 certified, FDA/USDA approved and Intertek FSSC 22000 certified, as well as being fully traceable to meet your documentation needs.

Technology—Clysar® shrink film is developed by industry leaders in material science, to ensure your shrink films have advanced characteristics to perform on your packaging line and on the shelf.

Proven Market Performance—We guarantee all Clysar® products, including new product introductions, are fully commercialized, for reliable performance to specification. You will never be used as a “guinea pig” to bring a new film to market.

Shelf Life—Clysar® film won’t discolor, or become brittle with age and freezing temperatures.

Made in the USA—Unlike imported film, Clysar® wrap is a domestic product not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges.

Unmatched Customer Service—With Clysar, you’ll be well taken care of. Surveys rank our distributors and customer service specialists as among the most knowledgeable, helpful and responsive in the business.

See What Our Customers Say

“LE Gold shrink film from Clysar is the best choice I’ve found for wrapping Houdini gift baskets. Clysar has a better appearance than any competitor—and with gift baskets—that’s very important. I need shine, sparkle, gloss, plus the strength to hold different items together for an upscale first impression. Clysar does it well. Also, the 75-gauge perfect perf allows us to get a form-fitting wrap around the irregular profiles of the baskets.”
Bob Walsh
Packaging Buyer
Houdini Inc.

“In nearly 30 years as a Clysar distributor, I’ve had hardly any film returned. Premium quality year after year—that’s why customers like Clysar.”
Frank A. Peltz
B & F Plastic Specialties
ABC Packaging Equipment & Materials

“I like the customer support my distributor provides. They help us decide which film to go with, and they’re always trying to help us get more value.”
Jerry Panicelli
Better Baked Foods, Inc.