Clysar | Why Clysar Polyolefin Films

Why Clysar® Polyolefin Films

(There’s a Difference!)

There is a very real difference in the type and brands of shrink films.

Clysar® shrink films are premier-quality polymer materials from a family known as polyolefins.

Our polyolefins offer three key characteristics:

  • Heat-sealable
  • Heat-shrinkable
  • Biaxially oriented (films shrink evenly in both directions)

Unlike commodity shrink packaging, Clysar® films are proprietary, high-performance products, uniquely formulated to deliver targeted shrink characteristics.

Polyolefin Characteristics: Better Performance, Better Package

Clysar offers today’s most comprehensive selection of differentiated shrink films, including  new recyclable shrink films pre-approved by How2Recycle® for store drop off.

No matter what the exact type, versatile polyolefin films offer a number of overall advantages:

  • Exceptional clarity and gloss
  • Balanced, even shrink in all directions
  • Enhanced machinability and heat resistance
  • Material safety: non-toxic and inert
  • Excellent stability—won’t discolor, or become brittle with age or freezing temperatures
  • Strong, pinhole-free seals
  • Performs under wide shrink temperature ranges
  • Positive environmental benefits

How Polyolefin Compares
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Polyolefin vs. Corrugate Boxes

  • Typically lower cost per package
  • Uses less material: reduces the product-to-package ratio
  • More efficient to inventory and transport (less space and cost)
  • Uses less resources to produce (trees, water, power)
  • Won’t absorb moisture during processing or transport
  • Protects against tampering, leaks, contamination
  • Clear product view (or opaque security)
  • Easy, frustration-free disposal

Polyolefin vs. PE (Polyethylene Shrink Film)

  • Improved package appearance: crystal clear vs. cloudy optics
  • Typically offers nearly 50% material downgauging opportunity
  • Better performance due to lighter weight
  • Delivers more production uptime—more film on every roll
  • Offers recyclable option for consumer with film available for Store Drop Off through the How2Recycle® Program
  • Tighter, more even shrink performance for crisp package

Polyolefin vs. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Shrink Film)

  • Non-toxic and chemically inert—does not contain plasticizers such as DEHP
  • Won’t emit toxic fumes in the manufacturing process
  • Does not corrode packaging equipment, or produce smoke and odor
  • Achieves retailers’ environmental goals of eliminating PVC packaging
  • Allows post-industrial recycling or incineration: won’t release carcinogenic dioxins when incinerated, so waste can be used for industrial fuel
  • Won’t pollute the recycling stream


The polyolefin shrink film used to wrap a typical package accounts for only 1% to 2% of the total packaging material volume.