Equipment Compatibility

Finding the Right Film for Your Shrink Packaging Line

Looking for a shrink film engineered for the demands of your equipment?

Whether you need a versatile all-purpose film that machines well on a wide range of equipment types…a stiff film that shines for high-speed automation…or a forgiving film that overcomes the variables of older machinery, you’ll find a solution from Clysar.

Clysar® shrinkwrap runs on virtually any type of manual, semi-manual and automatic shrink packaging equipment with static lap, hot knife or hot wire seal systems. No matter what your operating conditions, there’s a Clysar® film that delivers the ideal combination of properties for your application.

See Which Shrink Films Are Recommended for My Equipment

Download our guide for a quick overview of film recommendations by equipment type. But don’t stop there: ask your Clysar “Shrink Master”—a true shrink packaging expert—for advice and options in marrying film and equipment for your specific needs.

Learn About Our Preferred Equipment Partners

Clysar works closely with the leading equipment manufacturers to continually improve Clysar® film’s machinability and performance for the most demanding applications. See our preferred equipment partners for proven solutions that optimize Clysar® film.

  • Arpac – Horizontal shrinkwrappers, tray wrappers and shrink tunnels
  • Belco – Manual and semi-automatic L-bar sealers and shrink tunnels
  • BVM – In-feed systems, center folders, high-speed automated wrappers and shrink tunnels
  • Clamco – High-speed form/fill/seal wrappers, semi-automatic and manual L-sealers, and shrink tunnels
  • Conflex – Automatic L-bar sealers, horizontal form/fill/seal shrinkwrappers
  • Eastey – Sealers, sleeve wrappers, shrink tunnels, banding and bundling tunnels
  • EDL – Standard and custom shrinkwrapping systems for “end of line” production
  • Extreme Packaging – Continuous-motion and servo-controlled wrappers, shrink tunnels, infeeds and centerfolders
  • Heat Seal – Manual and semi-automatic L-bar sealers and shrink tunnels
  • Kallfass – Manual and automatic L-bar sealers, side sealers, form/fill/seal equipment, continuous motion wrappers, bundling and shrink tunnels
  • Lantech – Convection shrink tunnels and automated side seal wrapping systems
  • Seal-A-Tron – Manual, semi-automatic and automatic L-bar packaging systems and tunnels
  • Texwrap – Fully automated systems including L-bar sealers, continuous motion side sealers, intermittent motion side sealers, lap sealers, tunnels, conveyors and infeeds

See Shrink Films & Equipment In Action


Problems with inconsistent air evacuation in the shrink tunnel? Ask about Clysar® pre-perforated film, featuring a unique spiral perforation pattern that creates a strong, beautiful, uniform shrink package.

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Find Out About Equipment Financing & Purchase Programs

Ask your Clysar distributor about special equipment financing and purchase programs that can bring immediate cost savings and efficiencies online without requiring upfront capital.

Meet Your Support Experts: Clysar Technical Service

Want to trial a new film? Need help troubleshooting film/equipment issues? Clysar’s experienced staff of in-house technical experts will come to your facility and work hand-in-hand with your distributor to optimize shrink packaging equipment and film. Contact Clysar for Details.