Clysar | Value-Added Options

Clysar® Value-Added Options


Maximize the performance of Clysar® shrink films with these value-added options, many available at no added cost.

Double Rolls
One of the best ways to save on changeover and downtime is to switch from single- to double-length film rolls. You’ll run your shrink line longer, and get twice the number of packages to a roll. (Quad rolls are also available for high-volume applications.) See your Clysar distributor to discuss size/weight considerations for your operation.

Efficiency Packs
With the rising cost of corrugate disposal, the cardboard boxes used to ship shrink film cost you money every trip to the dumpster. If you use an average of 1-3 rolls of film per day, per line, ask about Clysar’s corrugate-free efficiency packs for your film—where rolls of film are placed on pallets and held in place with plastic cores and spacers

Efficiency packs reduce handling costs too. They can be set in your production area, so operators can take rolls directly from the pallet to the machine—no lost time unboxing film or waiting for materials.

Hot Slip Treatment
Need faster pack-out? Slip-treated film is available on a number of Clysar films. Hot slip treatment involves a special formulation to the shrink film that reduces coefficient of friction of the film. This assists in pack-out when the film is still warm, which eliminates tearing and makes it fast and easy to slide packages into master cartons


Pre-Perforated Film
Perforating your film by hand? Or dealing with an old or damaged perforating unit?

Many types of Clysar® film can be ordered pre-perforated—aoption that significantly improves air evacuation and overall package appearance. A standardized pattern of small holes is applied to the film, allowing excess air to escape evenly around the sealed package as the shrink bag balloons. This creates crisp, beautiful, evenly wrapped packages.

Specially engineered perforation patterns can also be ordered for produce or other “outgassing” organic materials that allow built-up air within the package to be naturally released.

Print Treatment
Printing your shrink film? Clysar can also apply an invisible “corona” treatment that roughs up the surface of the film, so it holds ink and creates crisp, colorful graphics.

Narrow to Wide Pre-Slit Film Rolls
Clysar® shrink films are available in pre-slit .5 inch increments starting at 1 inch and ranging up to 100 inches. Other size increments are possible upon request. This allows packagers to minimize waste and improve efficiencies, since films can be right-sized for the product applications. Most Clysar® shrink films can be slit to specified widths, including thin-gauge films, all purpose films, opaque privacy films, low shrink force films, high-speed films, corrugate-replacement films and more.

Bakery Perf  
Clysar HPG-BP film is a high-performance polyolefin shrink film technology custom tailored to the specific needs of packaging baked goods. However, other Clysar films with Bakery Perf have also been successfully used in a wide array of applications, including produce and textiles.