Clysar® EVO  Recyclable Shrink Films

Prequalified for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off Label

Sustainable Clysar® EVO, EVOX™, EVO™ ShrinkBox® and EVO-C™ (Confidential) shrink films are high-performance recyclable packaging films developed using the guidelines of the How2Recycle® program. They are one of the few current polyolefin shrink film structures that qualify for the official How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label. (

Safe for the recycling stream, the EVO family of films has undergone significant testing and meets the rigorous new protocols and revised requirements of the How2Recycle program.

Clysar® EVO™ shrink films can be used to package almost any type of product, while providing equal performance to traditional polyolefin packaging.

Now Available in Multi-Purpose, High-Speed and Confidential Films

Traditional PE Films vs. Clysar® EVO Films

What Looks Better for YOUR Brand Package?

Traditional Polyolefin Shrink Films
Most polyolefin shrink films do not meet the qualifications for today’s current recycling streams and only qualify for the “Not Yet Recycled” label.

Clysar® EVO™,  EVOX™,  EVO-C™, EVO™ ShrinkBox® and ULTRA LEG Shrink Films
Developed utilizing guidelines of the How2Recycle® program, these films offer a prequalification letter for use of the Store Drop-Off label. (Brand owners must submit label use requests.)

Today’s Most Complete Family of Recyclable Shrink Films

Clysar® EVOX high-speed, high-strength film provides optimum strength, protection and throughput for demanding shrink applications.

Clysar® EVO multi-purpose shrink film is a versatile, recyclable replacement for most existing shrink packaging applications.

Clysar® EVO-C confidential film is an ultra-durable opaque shrink film ideal for secondary shipping and stabilization, UV-protection, product masking and containment.

Use For

Multi-Purpose Clysar® EVO Films

  • Box overwraps
  • Books and magazines
  • Cosmetics/health and beauty
  • Digital and media products (DVDs, computer games, etc.)
  • Games, craft items, kits
  • Household and DIY products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Multi-packs and bundling

High-Speed, High-Strength Clysar® EVO-X Films

  • Pizza and frozen foods
  • Personal care
  • E-commerce
  • High-value products
  • Sharp, heavy or irregular products
  • Multi-packs and bundling

Clysar® EVO-C Confidential Film

  • Secondary e-commerce packaging and shipping
    • Boxed products like footwear
    • Books and magazines
    • Digital media
  • Privacy & Masking
    • Sensitive/official printed materials
    • UPC code masking
    • Pharmaceuticals, supplements
  • Product stabilization/containment
    • Liquid or granular products
    • Pet products
    • Lawn and garden
  • Protection/masking for high-value products
    • Jewelry and watches
    • Software
    • Industrial components


Clysar® EVO Multi-Purpose Films

  • High gloss, clarity and shine
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Great package cleanup, with optimal available shrink
  • Runs easily and reliably on all packaging equipment
  • Provides strong, durable seals
  • Offers wide sealing range, minimum dwell time
  • Exceptional heat/burn-through resistance
  • Ideal for printed shrink film applications

Clysar® EVO-X High-Speed, High-Strength Film

  • Designed for high-speed production, with little or no cooling needed
  • Superior clarity, gloss and shine
  • Exceptional seal strength, toughness and tear resistance
  • Delivers strong durable packages with great cleanup and appearance
  • Easy to run under all conditions
  • High shrink force for tight, finished packages with excellent cleanup
  • Ideal for printed shrink film applications, heavy multi-packs and more
  • Clysar® EVO-C Confidential Film
    • Ultra-strong, puncture-, abrasion- and tear-resistant
    • Blocks nearly 100% of UV light
    • Easy to run on most types of shrink equipment
    • Offers wide sealing temperature range with excellent resistance to burn through
    • Demonstrates excellent cleanup and tight shrink, conforming to irregular shapes
    • Excellent for bundling and unitizing

Solves Issues

  • Delivers significant sustainability gains: offers a highly functional, recyclable (Store Drop-Off) drop-in replacement for non-recyclable crosslinked shrink films
  • A solution for the more than 80% of CPGs seeking more sustainable, recyclable packaging
  • Is a truly recyclable solution meeting the revised requirements of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for recovery in the recycling stream
  • Meets retailer mandates for recycling labeling
  • Addresses consumer demands for recyclable, sustainable packaging
  • Offers targeted options for a wide range of packaging applications
  • Ideal for shipping and product containment: delivers significant material reduction, lowers DIM Weight costs in comparison to corrugate

How2Recycle® – The Official Source for Recycling Icons

The How2Recycle® label is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates packaging recycling instructions to the public. It is the only label program that can supply the official How2Recycle icon for your brand packaging.

The retail industry is moving toward mandating labels that provide consumers clear and easy recycling information. By offering a recyclable shrink film label for store drop-off, you are well-positioned to meet retailers’ goals for improved communication and sustainability.

Approved for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off Label

To use the official Store Drop-Off and other recycling logos on consumer packaging, companies must first be members of How2Recycle®. Then, individual packaging materials must be evaluated for logo use.

Clysar® EVO™, EVOX™, EVO-C™, EVO™ ShrinkBox® and ULTRA LEG™ shrink films have received official preapproval letters from How2Recycle for the Store Drop-Off recycling label. This prequalification letter makes it significantly faster and easier to obtain permissions to use the label icons.

Shrink films that are not approved for the Store Drop-Off label may have to submit to vigorous testing by independent labs to ensure the film meets the requirements of the recycling stream. Films that do not meet these requirements are only eligible to use the “Not Yet Recycled” icon.

Note every package application still requires final authorization for label use.

View Prequalification Letter – Clysar® EVO™ shrink film

View Prequalification Letter – Clysar® EVOX™ shrink film

View Prequalification Letter – Clysar® EVO-C™ shrink film

View Prequalification Letter – Clysar® EVO™ ShrinkBox® shrink film™ shrink film

View Prequalification Letter – Clysar ULTRA LEG™ shrink film™ shrink film

How to Obtain the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off Label

1. Contact Clysar to obtain the prequalification letter for use with your label request.

2. Contact How2Recycle directly and complete the How2Recycle label request form.

Learn About Important Changes from How2Recycle

New changes in the How2Recycle program mean more vigorous shrink material approvals involving third-party film testing. Recyclability is a complex issue for flexible materials such as shrink film, and a number of factors will impact final approvals for label use.

Read the How2Recycle Update Report

Learn About How2Recycle

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