Clysar | EVO™ Recyclable Shrink Films

Clysar® EVOTM Family of Recyclable Shrink Films
Prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

Clysar offers a recyclable shrink film for virtually every packaging application, with the industry’s most extensive selection of sustainable polyolefin solutions.

You’ll gain packaging performance and
brand appeal equal to conventional
high-performance films in a truly
recyclable shrink film.

Optimized for the recycling stream, EVO™
films meet the latest, more rigorous
protocols of the How2Recycle® program.

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Prequalified for Store
Drop-Off by How2Recycle®

A Recyclable Film for Every Product & Application

Clysar® EVOTM all-purpose shrink film
is a versatile replacement for most existing shrink
packaging applications. Manufactured with certified
Clysar® EVOTM Pre-Consumer Recycled content.


Clysar® EVOXTM high-speed,
high-strength film

provides optimum strength,
protection and throughput
for demanding automated


Clysar® EVOCTM Confidential opaque
film with PCR provides privacy and protection for
e-commerce and shipping. Includes Post-Consumer
Recycled (PCR) content.



Clysar® EVOTM 
ShrinkBox® film
is a clear, high-abuse
replacement for
corrugate boxes,
reducing packaging
weight and volume.
Manufactured with
certified Clysar®
ReClaimTM Pre-Consumer
Recycled content.

Also See: Clysar® ULTRA LEGTM 
film, for a recyclable, low shrink force PVC
replacement film with 40% less shrink force.

Use For

Multi-Purpose Clysar® EVO™ Films
• Box overwraps
• Health and beauty
• Digital and media products
• Games, craft items, kits
• Household and DIY products
• Multi-packs

High-Speed, High-Strength Clysar®
EVOX™ Films
• Pizza and frozen foods
• Personal care
• High-value products
• Sharp, heavy or irregular products
• Multi-packs and bundling

Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential Film
E-commerce packaging and shipping
• Boxed products like footwear
• Books and magazines
• Digital media

Privacy and masking
• Sensitive printed materials
• UPC code masking
• Pharmaceuticals
• Product stabilization/containment
• Liquid or granular products
• Lawn and garden
• Concealing high-value products
• Jewelry and watches
• Software, electronics
• Industrial components

Clysar® EVO™ ShrinkBox® Film
Clear corrugate replacement for:
• Toys
• Hardware, home improvement,
building products
• Industrial components
• Rugs and carpet
• Tools
• Irregularly shaped products


Clysar® EVO™ Multi-Purpose Films
• High gloss, clarity and shine
• Excellent tear resistance
• Great package cleanup
• Runs reliably on all packaging
• Strong, durable seals
• Ideal for printed film
• Incorporates Pre-Consumer Recycled

Clysar® EVOX™ High-Speed,
High-Strength Film
• Designed for high-speed production
• Ideal for printed shrink film, heavy
• Superior clarity, gloss and shine
• Exceptional strength, toughness and
tear resistance
• Easy to run under high shrink force,
with excellent cleanup

Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential Film with
PCR Content
• Made with Post-Consumer Recycled
(PCR) content
• Opaque—blocks nearly 100% of UV
• Conforms to irregular shapes
• Easy to run on most shrink equipment
• Excellent for bundling and unitizing

Clysar® EVO™ ShrinkBox® Film
• Extremely tough, with superior
puncture, abrasion and impact
• Conforms to irregular shapes, pointed
• High gloss and clarity
• High shrink force for strong, tight

Solves Issues

• Expands opportunities for recyclable
packaging with more films for more
• Delivers significant sustainability gains:
offers a highly functional, recyclable
(Store Drop-Off), drop-in replacement
for non-recyclable, crosslinked shrink
• A solution for CPGs seeking more
sustainable, recyclable packaging
• Meets retailer mandates for recycling
• Addresses consumer demands for
recyclable, sustainable packaging


  • Truly recyclable shrink films prequalified by How2Recycle® using the most recent, rigorous requirements
  • Designed for recyclability
  • May contain ReClaim™ Pre-Consumer Recycled content
  • An environmentally responsible plastic


Advanced Polymer Technology
Designed for Today’s
Recycling Stream
Not all shrink films are equally
easy to recycle. The Clysar®
shrink films offer robust
recycling performance for your
Designed for recyclability, meeting all stringent new
    requirements of today’s PE film recycling stream.

 Deliver trouble-free material collection and

 Require less energy and resources to recover into
    usable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content.

 Process easily into high-quality material for
    remanufacturing into PCR products.

 Developed using the most current research and
    testing protocols from How2Recycle® and other
    recycling design guides.

From Shrink Film to
Bags and Benches

The shrink film collected through Store Drop-Off can be recycled into a variety of products, including composite lumber and shopping bags.

Store Drop-Off recycling is available to the majority of the U.S. population.

Approved for How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off
Label with a Letter of Prequalification

Clysar® EVOTM shrink films have received
official letters of prequalification from
How2Recycle® for the Store Drop-Off
recycling label.

These letters make it significantly faster
and easier to obtain permissions to use
the label icons on consumer-facing

Request a Sample Roll or Film Trial
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Call 888-4-CLYSAR or email for help in finding the best shrink film for your packaging needs.

We’ll connect you with expert shrink specialists who can recommend the best film for your equipment and application; order sample rolls; set up packaging trials; and work with Clysar’s in-house developmental resources to achieve your packaging vision.

Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink film is proudly made in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and is not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges related to imported products. All Clysar® films are produced to ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards; and FDA/USDA approved.