Shrink Film Benefits

Better Protection, Less Packaging

Minimizes Packaging Volume

with an extremely efficient, lightweight alternative, typically only 1%-2% of all packaging material volume.

Meets Recycling Requirements

with New Clysar® EVO and Clysar® EVOX Recyclable Shrink Film qualified for retail store drop-off label through the How2Recycle® program.

Reduces Shipping Impacts

with lower DIM weight and volumetric efficiencies, reducing a package’s footprint throughout the supply chain.

Minimizes Food Waste

by protecting from damage and contamination, while significantly extending shelf life.

Reduces Excess Packaging,

including the number of boxes at retail and in e-commerce, an impact that currently equates to more than 1 billion trees annually.1 Also can reduce secondary packaging by up to 80%.

1 Forbes, July 29, 2018, “What A Waste: Online Retail’s Big Packaging Problem

Why Clysar?

An Environmentally and Socially Responsible Choice

Today’s consumers demand packaging from environmentally and socially responsible sources.

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Active Sustainability Partnerships

We partner with leading sustainability organizations like the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and How2Recycle as part of our commitment to be an informed and active sustainability partner.

Responsible Domestic Supply

Clysar sources all of their shrink film materials exclusively in the U.S., which reduces CO2 emissions from traveling that would be accumulated if they sourced offshore.

Our products are manufactured in a regulated environment in a responsible manner, with consideration of the safety and well-being of our employees.

Sustainability Expertise

Clysar offers today’s most extensive line of shrink film products and an experienced sustainability team to help you find the most responsible option for your application. We also can help calculate your package’s cost savings and environmental gains over the materials you are replacing.

Safe Polyolefin Shrink Films

Clysar offers polyolefin shrink film, an “SPI code 4” film recognized to be more durable, less expensive and safer than traditional films.

In-Person Tech Support

Clysar offers technical specialists to help make your whole shrink packaging operation more sustainable, from preventive maintenance to film optimization. We have helped hundreds of facilities reduce their impacts by reducing energy use, improving efficiencies, right-sizing materials and more.

Seven Ways
7 Ways Brands Use Shrink Film to Improve Sustainability

Here’s how some of the world’s top brands are partnering with Clysar to meet their environmental goals.


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