Watch How Brands Achieve Their Vision with Clysar

Explore our series of quick, helpful videos to learn more about Clysar, our films and our latest shrink wrapping applications.

There’s Clearly More to Clysar® Shrink Film

An overview of the diverse applications and offerings available with Clysar® EVO™ Shrink Film.

Meeting Today’s Sustainability Initiatives with Recyclable Film Innovation

Here, Clysar LLC, a U.S.-based shrink packaging company, shares the innovation story behind its new Clysar® EVO™ recyclable shrink films, which are now pre-qualified for the How2Recycle® program’s store drop-off logo.

Meeting Critical Environmental Goals with Sustainable Shrink Films

Clysar highlights new approved recyclable shrink films; protective shrink films for food security and shelf life; and shrink film options to reduce packaging weight, volume and cost.

Market-Proven Shrink Packaging Strategies to Secure Advantage

Learn about secure, safe, sustainable solutions to protect products, delight consumers and deliver a fast response with U.S.-manufactured shrink films.

Clysar® EVO™ Recyclable Shrink Films

Learn more about Clysar’s truly sustainable alternatives to traditional polyolefin packaging.

E-Commerce Solutions

Shows how you can make e-commerce operations more efficient with Clysar® HPG Confidential Shrink Wrap. 

Packaging Reliability for High-Demand Products

Outlines how reliable, secure shrink film supply helps businesses keep up with demand.

Improving Product Protection and Safety

Shares how Clysar® shrink film can improve safety and protect products, now more important than ever.

Made in the USA: The All-American Shrink Film

Quickly outlines the advantages of Clysar’s U.S.-manufactured shrink film to end-users’ business and brand.

Shrink Wrapping Sweet Potatoes

Watch how Garrido wraps individual sweet potatoes with printed HP Gold film for brand appeal, UPC scanning, cleanliness and added shelf life.

Pack Expo 2019 Highlights

See Clysar® shrink film performing at Pack Expo, wrapping a variety of products on a wide range of automated and manual shrink packaging technologies.

Clysar – Your Vision, Our Focus

See clearly better results from your shrink packaging with Clysar—the experts laser-focused on shrink.

Shrink Wrapping Aerosol Can Multi-Packs with Clysar® Printed Film

Watch printed HP Gold shrink film achieve high speeds, balanced shrink and compelling brand appeal for multi-packs.

Shrink Wrapping Frozen Pizza with Clysar® HP Gold Film

blazing fast productivity and precise seal placement as pizzas are wrapped with Clysar® HP Gold.

Shrink Wrapping Frozen Cinnamon Rolls with Clysar® HP Gold Film

Low profiles and round shapes are no problem for HP Gold shrink film in this frozen bakery application.

Shrink Wrapping Golf Ball Packaging with Clysar® HP Gold Film

View our all-purpose, ultra-clear HP Gold shrink film delivering savings and strong performance for a premium sports package.

Shrink Wrapping Handmade Candy with Clysar® LE Gold Film

Watch how LE Gold films, a lightweight film with low shrink force, shrink wraps delicate chocolates with a gentle touch.