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Welcome to Clysar. Here, you’ll find everything you need to achieve the best shrink packaging performance for the best bottom line.

You’ll discover the industry’s most innovative portfolio of high-performance shrinkwrap films. Sales and service expertise from the best distributors in the business. Plus, help in reducing costs…enhancing package appearance…improving sustainability…and creating a LEAN shrink operation.

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Examples of shrink film for frozen foods, shrink wrap for rigid items, shrink film for carpet and moreMeet Simon, A Clysar Shrink Film Distributor and Shrink Wrap Specialist

Hi! I’m Simon.

Hi! I’m Simon.

I’m Simon, a local Clysar® shrink film distributor. I’ve been working in the packaging industry for the past 15 years and I understand the challenges you face.

I’m not a generalist—shrink packaging is my special area of expertise! So I can help customers achieve the best bottom line, by bringing together the right shrink film, equipment and expert technical support. Whether you’re interested in LEAN efficiencies…sustainability…or a great-looking display package, “Expect the Best” from me…and from Clysar.

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