Clysar | New Recyclable Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential Shrink Film Delivers a Recycle-Ready Solution for Privacy, Shipping and Protection

New recyclable Clysar® EVO-C confidential film is an ultra-durable, opaque shrink film ideal for secondary shipping, stabilization, UV-protection, product masking and containment. The film is prequalified for the Store Drop-Off label by How2Recycle®.

New Recyclable Clysar® EVO-C™ Confidential Shrink Film Delivers a Recycle-Ready Solution for

Sustainable new Clysar® EVO-C Confidential recyclable shrink film—approved for the Store Drop-Off label by How2Recycle® —offers e-commerce and omni-channel retailers and consumer goods companies an ultra-durable, opaque shrink film to conceal, contain and ship products.

CLINTON, IA – Sept. 20, 2021 – Clysar, LLC, makers of high-performance polyolefin shrink films, introduces Clysar® EVO-C™ confidential shrink film: the next solution in the family of recyclable shrink films pre-approved for the Store Drop-Off label by the How2Recycle® program. Clysar® EVO-C™ film is a unique opaque security and shipping material offering UV-blocking properties. Strong, lightweight and puncture-resistant, the film can significantly reduce packaging volume and weight, while protecting from light degradation. It’s ideal for demanding e-commerce, mailing, distribution and packaging applications where concealing and containing contents is required.

Clysar® EVO™ opaque, protective shrink film provides a true “drop-in” alternative to traditional non-recyclable shrink films, and runs on existing shrink equipment without sacrificing performance. The film can be printed, and is available in a number of put-ups. Complete technical and development support is available, including trial rolls and application testing.

Target packaging applications include high-value products such as jewelry or electronics; sensitive printed or personalized materials; pharmaceuticals and supplements; official documents; books and magazines; gourmet foods; digital media; software; footwear; sporting goods; lawn and garden products; liquid or granular cleaning, personal care or household products; and high-value industrial products.

All Clysar® EVO™ shrink films have been developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, ensuring they are safe and fully acceptable for Store Drop-Off recycling. Offering official letters of prequalification from the How2Recycle® organization, Clysar® EVO™ films offer a fast, actionable path for improving packaging sustainability.

Clysar® EVO™ films are similar to traditional cross-linked shrink films and run on virtually all types of packaging equipment. Two shrink film options are available to provide targeted performance for individual product applications and process demands.

Other films in the Clysar® EVO™ family of films include:


Clysar® EVO™ All-Purpose Film
A versatile multi-purpose solution, Clysar® EVO™ shrink film is suited for most retail packaging applications, with excellent optics, strong seals and clean, even shrink.

Clysar® EVOX™ High-Speed, High-Strength Film
Developed to run effortlessly on highly automated, high-speed equipment, Clysar® EVOX™ film delivers trouble-free sealing and shrink characteristics. Ideal for high-speed packaging applications requiring extra strength, protection and durability.

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Founded in 1963 in Clinton, IA, Clysar offers today’s only shrink films manufactured 100% in the U.S.A. using domestically sourced resins. Providing packagers with the industry’s most comprehensive selection of high-performance polyolefin films, Clysar is known for shrink packaging expertise, responsive technical support and reliable supply programs that make it easy to do business. Films include new Clysar® EVO recyclable shrink films; HPG Confidential opaque e-commerce/shipping films; PHOENIX premium performance shrink film; LTC Lowest Total Cost thin films; HP Gold all-purpose films; improved AFG anti-fog and produce films; ShrinkBox® corrugate-replacement films; LE Gold low shrink force films; and ABL “able to wrap” anything films. Clysar® shrink films are offered through an independent network of packaging distributors.